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Vehicle detailing

Trust the professionals at PK Detailing in Exeter. Book a free consultation with a friendly member of our team.

Skill and experience

Vehicle detailing is a skilled operation and requires experience, knowledge and the correct equipment and materials to do it properly. At PK Detailing in Exeter, we have it all.

Mercedes interior
detailing brush

Every detail counts

Our vehicle detailing is a comprehensive package that includes a thorough clean and polish. As a company we believe that ‘Every detail counts’, and with our detailing packages, we live up to our motto. Packages start from £180, and include:

  • Pre-wash

  • Safe wash using the two-bucket method

  • Decontamination of the paint and wheels

  • Bodywork clayed

  • Bodywork protected with selected wax or paint sealant

  • Windows polished

  • Cleaned and vacuumed interior

  • Sealed wheels and exterior trims

Sponge and Bucket

What is the ‘two-bucket method’?

Every time your car is washed, rubbing will damage the surface, causing it to become dull and faded. The two-bucket method greatly reduces this, because we gently apply soapy water with one wash mitt, and then we use the clean water to clean and rinse the mitt before reusing it. Then we work our way down the car, leaving the dirtiest parts to last. This will help your car stay looking new and shiny for longer.

shiny blue Jag

Bodywork clayed

Some contaminants, like brake dust, tar, and tree sap can eat into the paintwork of your car, and cause stains and damage that just washing can’t remove. The only way to remove those is to use a clay bar. This will pull contaminating material out of your paintwork and smooth the paint surface before applaying any wax or paint sealant.

dealer giving new car thorough clean prior to sale

Do you need vehicle detailing to help make your vehicle look like new?

Contact PK Detailing in Exeter to book our vehicle detailing services. We also do paint correction and window tinting.

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