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Fine valeting with your local car cleaning professionals in Exeter

Choose PK Detailing in Exeter for fine valeting to help keep your vehicle looking great.

Comprehensive valeting services

For comprehensive valeting services in Exeter and across Devon, PK Detailing. We will provide a hassle-free and efficient service for car washing, detailing and more.

Honda Civic
valeted interior

Mini valet

We provide a mini valet service which is priced from £40, and this includes vacuuming, window cleaning, washing, drying and tyre dressing. Tyres are often overlooked when cars are cleaned, but with our attention to detail we make sure that even the tyres look their best. A professionally applied tyre dressing includes proper preparation of the surface of the tyres, which enables the dressing to last a lot longer.

pre-cleaned interior
cleaned interior

Full valet

Our full valet service starts from £70, but as well as the services included in the mini valet service, this also includes a full wash and dry, the interior will also be thoroughly cleaned; any tar spots will be removed, and the paintwork will be hand polished. Contact us for more information. Our prompt car cleaning and valeting service will help to keep your car looking at its best.

Our fine valeting includes:

Our fine valeting and detailing services are available across Devon. Our comprehensive fine valeting services include:


  • Machine polishing

  • Interior and exterior valeting

  • Car cleaning

  • Engine bay cleaning

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Car waxing

If you want to keep your car looking as good as new, we are able to provide a professional and efficient service - from a detailed exterior wash to paint correction amongst many others, we consistently create work that is of the highest standard of quality.

A man cleaning car exhaust with microfiber cloth, car detailing (or valeting) concept

Are you looking for fine valeting services?

Contact PK Detailing in Exeter for your fine valeting needs, including car waxing.

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